Monday, August 17, 2009

Greetings, Club Members (That's You!)

Dear Friends,

Here is a special place for you to share with others what you have to be thankful for. Sometimes we all need encouragement when things look dim, and it's refreshing to reflect upon the positive things in our life, Pollyanna style.

Feel free to leave a comment, stating anything that you would like to share with other members of our little club!

*Hayley Mills explains "The Glad Game" in Disney's 1960 version of Pollyanna*




  1. dear mami, i am glad that you are going to the play tonight. love, annamarie

  2. I am glad the sun is shining, the leaves are green and it will be another wonderful and beautiful hot southern day ;D

  3. I am gratful for my baking pantry xoxoxo Clarice

  4. I am so grateful for the laughter of little children, the love between mother and child, all the beautiful creation that our Lord has given us to enjoy. God bless, Rose

  5. I am thankful for all the awesome blogs and websites I have found of late. I was searching around on the internet, and just running up against immodesty and nets, spread by the enemy of our souls, for my feet. Then I discovered "Homeliving", which led me to "Sweet Felicity". It was such a relief.

    "I had fainted, except I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart. Wait, I say, on the LORD." Psalm 27:13-14

    By the way, this blog shows you the way through Psalms and Proverbs once a month: For example, today's morning Psalms were 38-40, and the evening 41-43; and today's Proverbs chapter: 8 (today being the 8th of the month). I have three other blogs as well.

    I am just so thankful for women who take their femininity to heart. We'd all be dead without them, before too long. Thanks again, and may God richly bless your labour of love.

  6. dear mama,
    i am grateful for nature and a home,
    love tasha

  7. Dear Mama,

    I am grateful for a wonderful Mama!:)

    I love you and I Like you!;)



  8. It's so funny that I stumbled on this site. My daughter-in-law calls me Pollyanna. LIfe is good.

  9. Marqueta, I used to know a girl names Marqueta and have never heard that name since. Did you ever live in Cowley, Wyoming when you were a little girl?

  10. I am grateful for fresh opportunities to do better and keep learning.I am grateful for the encouragement I get from books and blogs that celebrate making a home, raising babies, and keeping a loving marriage as a worthy life's work!
    I am very grateful for my lovely little home and loving husband and daughter and the new little one in my belly who we will get to see in just one more month!

  11. Dear mama,
    i am grateful for you.
    i love you.

  12. HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu, HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu, HaPpY bIrThDaY dEaR mAmI, HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu,

    ♪♫I'M glad it's your birthday, dear mami! happy birthday, happy birthday to you!♫♪
    UR A รtคг!

  13. Here's a short post on my blog that illustrates the power of gladness--"We All Has to Have Hugs and Kisses."

  14. I am glad for the the Lord...simply as that. I can close my eyes and run into Him. I am there. I have also been listening to old 70's gospel songs....they have a sweetness I can't find today. "Thy Throne Oh God" by Kelly Willard and "Nobody Knows Me Like You" by Benny Hester...I was able to find them on YouTube....GLAD :)