Thursday, August 2, 2012

What can you be glad about?

To all the Pollyanna Club members:

What could you be glad about if.....

  1. You were going to go to the beach but it started hailing outside.
  2. You wanted to go to the park, but your parents (or husband) said it was too hot outside.
  3. You have to cancel your party because all your friends are on vacation.
  4. You just opened a Christmas present, and after a few minutes it breaks (or it wasn't what you wanted).
  5. Your camera battery dies when you're about to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower.
  6. You're sick and you can't do the things you want to.

Leave your answer in the comment form below!


  1. 1. Be glad that the hail won't last forever.
    2. Be glad that you can go whenever you want once it cools off.
    3. Be glad that you can have a party when they return.
    4. Be glad that you can fix it/ you have other gifts/ you GOT a present.
    5. Be glad that you have a cell phone! (Or use someone else's camera, or your mind camera!☺)
    6. Be glad that you can finish all of your crafts!!

  2. 1. Be glad to see hail, which is unusual and very pretty; that would colsole you if you must stay home. But go to the beach anyway with a strong umbrella, and you will get the best spot. Any bruises you get will be fun mementos later.
    2. Be glad to realize you have misprioritized. Do some chores at home so your mind will be clearer when you do leave.
    3. Be glad you have saved the money you' d have spent on them, allowing you to tend better to your own/your family's needs.
    4. Be glad there is one less thing to take up space/that you can pass it on to a friend who wants it more.
    5. Be glad you have a reason to explore French camera shops if you insist on the picture; instead though, be glad you realized the Eiffel Tower is overrated and visit neglected wonders of Paris.
    6. Too general, but be glad about how much you appreciate such everyday comforts as warm covers, oranges, fruit juice, and herbal tea.